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Monday, May 16, 2011

Makes Me Smile Award!

Thanks so much! I received the award from Bianca, her blog is called The Wild Dreams Of A Midwest Teen. I love her blog so much, you all need to go check it out.

1. Accept this award with a smile, and link the person who sent it!
2. Pass this on to five blogs that make you smile.
3. Contact them somehow!

So I am passing this award on to five more people. 
That is probably one of my favourite blogs. Everything she posts makes me laugh & it's so relatable (is that even a word?!)
She is one of the nicest people ever! Every time she comments on my blog I cannot help but smile. & also, her blog is great obviously. She always tells stories about her life that make me so happy.
Am I allowed to do this? Give the award back to her? Well, I don't care if it's allowed or not because I absolutely love her blog! If her happy& cheerful banner isn't enough to get you to smile, read her posts. It's one of my most favorite blogs (horrible grammar, I know).
If you visit my page often, you are either into fashion or a hardcore creeper.  Assuming you're into fashion, pretty pieces of jewelry & such most likely make you smile. She has so many pictures of her lovely jewelry collection.
HIS MUSIC IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! First off, anyone who likes the song How To Save A Life is going to be one of my immediate friends, but if you have it posted in your blog, I'm pretty much predestined to love you.

So yeah, those five people will be notified of this soon. & congrats to all of you, you have successfully distracted me from my math homework for one hour while I typed all of this.


  1. Ahh this is so cool, thanks a lot Alyssa, this is brillaint and I love your little synopsis of me bd my blog! :D


  2. you're welcome Dan. & it's a great description, isn't it?

  3. You're so sweet! Thanks so much! <3

  4. aww thanks Alyssa :D I'm glad my banner makes you smile, cause that was the purpose! ;D

  5. You are the best! Thank you so much!!!!

  6. You are all so welcome! Thanks for making me smile everyday(:

  7. Alyssa that is so kind of you thank you so much
    You have a really good blog going on here let me know what to do and I will make you up an award
    Cheers Stell