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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Summer Hairstyles

-the trending feather hair extension
-messy bun
-braided bangs
-textured ponytail
-boho waves
-fishtail braid
-side braid
-sleek ponytail
-half back
-messy updo



  1. What about hairstyles for men?? lol

  2. Hi Sweetie
    This is the only way I can get in touch, I am so proud to get you award but I can't seem to post it and link your blog to it, the pic dose not appear...and I will do a whole post about you... if only I can make it work
    Cheers Stell

  3. hey!
    you need to right clice on the award & save it to your files. thanks so much, but dont stress out about it if it's complicated. I'm just happy to give you the award(:

  4. @flashbulb
    Hahah well how long is your hair?

  5. id say short-ish....just got a pretty standard cut lol