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Saturday, May 14, 2011


This week I have been trying to be more active since we finally had gorgeous weather. It was about 86 all week!
Monday- rain
Tuesday- INSANITY fitness test DVD
Wednesday- 7 mile bike ride
Thursday- walked around the neighborhood, jumped on my trampoline & played out side with the kids I babysit
Friday- walked around a baseball stadium
Saturday (today)- nothing(:


  1. You did something today :) Thanks for being in the coffee shop. Great blog.

  2. Hey! came across your blog through the coffee shop :) ..... INSANITY is crazy difficult I've heard... what was your opinion about it?

    btw new follower of your blog now :)


  3. Thanks for checking me out!
    To be 100% honest, the Fitness Test is the only DVD I have tried yet out of the entire set. From what I can tell however, I am in for a VERRRRY vigorous workout. It seems quite effective from what I have seen, my dad has been doing it for almost two weeks now. After school is out I plan on getting into a routine doing the workouts each day.
    I will check out your blogs as well(: