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Friday, April 29, 2011

What's In My Purse

What's in my purse? Well I figured it was time for a good spring cleaning since as you can tell my purse it quite a mess. Sorry the top picture is distorted, I tried fixing it. 
For starters, my purse is from Nine West however I am not sure of the exact name for this style. I got it in February from my mom & I love it. It is so nice & roomy, perfect for school.
So, what did I find inside the purse? I had my wallet, empty camera case, pink easer, hair brush, green gloves, pink mint lip gloss, bali mango lotion, mulberry lip gloss, my house key, a flash drive, random loose change, sensodyne tooth paste, a swat car toy, my t-83 calculator, elf hyper gloss, mini playdoh(:, a bouncy ball, three nail polishes (mint green from Revlon, lacey lilac from Sally Hansen & Shatter from OPI), empty pack of orbit gum, small travel sun screen, a few random pens & a travel pack of tissues. as you can tell, my purse was loaded of random stuff!

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