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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Headband Collection

This is my ever growing collection of head bands! The one on the farthest left is a really old one that is brown & black, the nest one is a think black one, then a thin black one, next a studded super thick one, then a wavy black one, then a crystal and black one, then a super thick purple one, then a light pink thin one, then a bright pink thin shimmery one, then a thin nude one, then a small pearl one, then a white thin one, then a reflective thin silver one, then a powder blue thin one & lastly an average sized royal blue shimmery one! Geez, I have quite the array of headbands, this doesn't even include all the fabric ones or the other ones I use that my sister and mom own.If you know of anywhere that sells cute green & red ones, let me know those are the two colors that I am missing. 
ps. let me know if you want to know where any specific ones are from(:


  1. Just curious, do you really wear them all! I would LOVE if you did "outfit of the days!"

  2. Yeah I wear them all, but not at once hahah. & there should be an outfit of the day posted sometime today!